Notes sticking from midi keyboard

Hi again
MAudio Code 25 connected to Ardour on AVLinux.
Adding in a synth plugin no prob.
While playing, a note (haven’t seen two notes doing this) sticks ‘on’ randomly. Have to play the note again to release it. It’s like it sees the ‘note on’ but not the ‘note off’. Can I fix this in Ardour 6

Which synth plugin are you using? Does it happen regardless of the plugin?
Also which Audio/MIDI backend are you using (Ardour Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI setup)?

For what it’s worth, there are reviews on the web of people experiencing these stuck notes with Code 25 and Code 61 and having to power cycle the keyboard to fix.

Hi Robin,
Happens regardless. I’ll check the backend when I get back.
Thanks for your reply.

Hi bachstudies,
I’ll check those out,
Thanks for your help.

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