Note panning contoroleR

hello guys
i have idea for panning editor look like lmms
with a checker box for show/hide it

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Definitely looks interesting, suppose it would act differently to automating pan as you could choose on a per note basis

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Are you aware that MIDI has no real concept of panning?

There are Control Change messages, but those are per MIDI channel (not per note). Also not all synths offer control over panning either, and the pan-law is also undefined.

There is MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) that allows per note meta-data by using a dedicated MIDI channel for each note, but few synths support it. Ardour’s GUI also does not support it at this point in time.

In any case, per note panning is something a synth plugin needs to handle, once a given note is synthesized to audio, Ardour can at best pan the resulting audio signal.

NO I no aware that
but my idea is a best idea for beat making like lmms
for fu*k hihat and ohter drums song

This makes me think you don’t understand what MPE is really for.

Look at the physical instruments that support MPE already: Linnstrument, Madrona Labs Soundplane,the K-Board Roli Seaboard, Haaken Continuum … do any of these seem remotely related to “beat making like LMMS” ?

ok you’re right
i edited post

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