Note_off ignored

In Ardour4.0 (Linux) I am having the problem rather often, that the note_off-event is ignored, when I playback midi. (so that a note keeps playing where it should not). It is not reproducable and occurs at different places at different times. The console then gives a “note already playing” message.
A friend of mine has the same issue.

Is this a bug or is there something wrong with our setup?

Same problem here. Sometimes notes playing until the end of the region not where the note stops.

I’m having the same problem. Sometimes the same note won’t stop over and over again, then it seems to help to move the end of that note around a little. This is on Ubuntu 15.04 and with a hardware synth (Roland Integra-7) fed back into an audio track in Ardour.


I seem to get it almost certainly, when I start playback and hit the recording button once the playback is running.

see also

tl;dr: disable “Make periodic backups of the session file” in the preferences and don’t manually save while playing… until is fixed.

Hitting record saves the session. So bug #6287 most likely explains Artur’s an Scary-Hallo’s issue.

@Mirco, please have a look at the forum entry linked above. Since you use a hardware synth, I hazard a guess it may be a jack setup issue or midi port routing (combining jack midi ports).

Ah! Thanks. I see this is not easy to fix. But why not just have Ardour disable the save-function during playback?

Indeed, I had both my piano and the Ardour track connected to the synth. It seems to have become better in the last few days (after I discovered how to pass through incoming notes when not recording and hence didn’t need to connect two sources to the synth any more). The remaining incidents may be attributable to the periodic backups problem.


to explain. When routing two midi-sources to one midi-out. the following can happen:

source 1 sends an event (e.g. note-on) at time 20.

source 2 sends an even at time 10.

Some versions of jack (or was it a2jmidid?) fail to order the events correctly when they’re sent to the same [physical] output.
e.g jackd sends event from source 1 and then notices “oops. its too late for the other event, so let’s just drop it”. This can lead to stuck notes.

jack2 had a bug there which was fixed in summer 2014. Event re-ordering works properly in recent git.

PS. the Ardour + save issues is being worked on.

Ok, apparently I was confused by my own setup. I DO of course mux all of Ardour’s MIDI outputs to the MIDI playback port of my synth. I’ll look into compiling jack2 from git then (or is this not recommended for everyday use of jack2?)