-not- use external mic input?

I’ve been rather annoyed at this, but it seems when I want to record on a track it uses only my external mic.

On my jack settings, I have put the output of a calf synth to the input of the track I want to record with, yet I get no input from that synth and only input from my mic. How do I turn this feature off?

And on the topic of noobie questions, how do I change the grid size? I have changed the tempo of the song to match the vocal track I have, yet the grid doesn’t change and manually lining up kick drums is a huge pain.


disconnect the capture ports from the input of your channel, as long as there is an input from capture to any of your audio tracks, if you have monitoring turned on you will stil here what ever is connected to capture (line or mic input)

Ive also noticed that the grid in the editor doesnt change as you change the grid size, i thought it was a bug. It makes it very hard to work with 16th notes 32nd and especially 64th when you dont have anything to line up against, creating simple drum patterns takes 3 times as long since you have to guess when adding ghost notes and even when placing notes that go inbetween beats etc…

also ardour currently does not monitor inputs when you are playing back only when recording or when you the transport is stopped.

really im using ardour 3 and that if i have more than 1 track connected to the same capture i get it it monitored twice so its twice as loud if connected to 2 tracks.

for me monitoring monitors the inputs at each track it is connected too.

It’s version 2.8 (though knowing that I’ll see if I can’t upgrade it to 3)

Thanks for all the help!

Just as a follow up, I went ahead and am upgrading currently to version 3.3.

3.3 is fine if all you are doing is audio work but if your planning on doing midi id stick with an earlier version. 3.0 which came with av linux works well enough for me though there are still some bugs that had me stuck for days and couldnt work round.