Not sure Why Ardour Isn't Cooperating... Not Opening on my Computer?

**EDIT: I figured it out! Watched a lovely little tutorial that explained it in three minutes:

Now, I’m just looking to add a desktop icon and figure out why I can’t watch youtube vids while operating Ardour. If I’m watching a vid, as soon as I open ardour, the video stops and says "Audio render error please restart computer"

So, yeah! Thanks!!

So, I’m not quite sure what the deal is!

I downloaded the demo version of Ardour the other day just to see if I like it or not (Looks really awesome from all the tutorials/ demos I’ve seen), and for some reason it doesn’t even want to open up on my computer. I’m on a Dell laptop Windows 10, but that shouldn’t matter, right??

I keep on getting to the “audio/ midi setup” pop up window. I select “start” and it says “device configuration not supported”. I haven’t got my interface plugged in or anything, but it should just work with my laptop, I mean… Right?

Just trying to test it out and get a basic feel…

Also, there’s no desktop icon for me, so yeah…


NEVER MIND! I figured it out! Watched a lovely little tutorial which explained it in three minutes.

Now -Has anyone got any idea how to make a desktop icon and also -Why am I not allowed to operate Ardour and watch Youtube vids at the same time?? Makes it a little difficult to follow along with tutorials…

To make a desktop icon, click and drag the Ardour link in your start menu to your desktop. (Confirmed to work on Windows 10)

The reason you cannot watch YouTube videos when you run Ardour is because the program takes exclusive control of your sound card by design.

Hey, thanks for the info!

Any idea of a way I can get around the Ardour taking full control thing?

If you only have one sound card, you will probably need to use additional software, such as Voicemeeter by VB-Audio, to hear YouTube videos and Ardour’s audio simultaneously.

Gonna look into it!

Thank you so much~!

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