Not seeing "Time Stretch Audio" Window

Hi everyone, I’m working my way through the manual and reading about stretching regions using the Stretch tool. The Stretching Manual Page says “The parameters used to transform the audio data are user tweakable, and exposed to the user as the Left mouse button is released,” then proceeds to show an image of the Time Stretch Audio window. BUT after I do a basic stretch on any region no corresponding window appears and I can’t seem to find any view/window option to allow it to be seen.

Is this a feature that has been removed or am I missing something? Does the window appear somewhere else? Please help! Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know what version of Ardour you are using, but I just checked with 6.3. I switched to the timeFX tool (‘t’), stretched an audio region, and the window you are referring to showed up immediately.

If you use timeFX on a MIDI region, the stretch will occur, but there will be no dialog.

Hey Paul thanks for the quick response. Yeah I’m using 6.3. However, I didn’t realize it doesn’t affect MIDI regions. I had only tried to use it on MIDI. When I use it on an audio recorded region, the window snaps open immediately. Situation resolved! Thanks!!

Just to be clear, the tool does affect MIDI regions. But there’s no need for the dialog because time stretching MIDI is completely different than time stretching audio, and there are no options to choose from (it’s also more or less instantaneous. So you can still stretch MIDI regions, but just don’t expect to have to answer any questions or change any settings if you do.

Ah, indeed. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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