not opening in itunes

i’m sure this is basic but finished the track saved, exported, now how do i open elsewhere? thank you

CTRL+CLICK on the exported file and Open With. Nothing at all to do with Ardour, this is entirely handled by the Mac OS.

Of course making sure you exported using a format iTunes understands is a requirement for being able to open it in iTunes.


haha yeha thanks got that far but i must not have exported it in an itunes format, i tried

(trackname).wav but still no response for itunes, and nothing else plays it, struggling!

@majestyfrock: you need to verify what options you chose for the export format. there are quite a lot of file types that iTunes cannot play.

paul, i’m pretty nooby at this but if you are asking me when i exported it, i had the default setting so was
channel stereo
file type wav
sample format 24 bit
sample endianness little-endian
sample rate 44.1khz
conversion quality best
dither type none
cd marker file type none

i’m not sure if this is exactly what you mean, but if you can direct me to where i need to fix it up greatly appreciated thanks

Try a 16 Bit 44.1 kHz WAV file.

I assume you are on Intel and not PPC?


yeah intel , macbook