Not load the project...

Hi! Not load the project.
The last used to work before. Is there somewhere a program that corrects errors in the project file?
The .bak file does not work.
I’ve often fallen into this problem, but now I do not want to leave ! I need this project !

Jack message:
Sun Apr 10 09:18:47 2016:
…ERROR: ClientNotify fails name = ardour notification = 10 val1 = 108 val2 = 0
Sun Apr 10 09:18:47 2016: Client ‘ardour’ with PID 4020 is out
09:18:50.317 XRUN callback (3 skipped).
QSpiAccessible::accessibleEvent not handled: “6” obj: QMenu(0x888b310) “”

Does it work when using alsa als backend instead of jack?

Thank you, but unfortunately it did not help.
The program starts , and chose to ALSA , but the same …
The project, three -channel bus I used to Sidechain.
My project here:
Thanks for the help!
(Sorry my English)

You can import the audio and midi files from erasure into a new project
Create a new project then File -> import
Select path name of project possibly erasure/interchange/erasure
and you’ll find audiofiles and midifiles directories.
Under those directories you can select the audio and midi files
I’ve done this with an audio project and got the project working. There will possibly be some duplicate tracks and other stuff may need tidying up.