not again an audio interface question

but yeah sorry i m gonna ask: i m a happy rme multiface II user and will never change that setup as long as pcie slots exist :wink:

but: i need a small and ok soundcard for my laptop for travelling. nothing crazy, just good line in and stereo out (or 4 track would be nice, but not essential…) is there something small? wouldnt be for hi end recording, just for performing live etc… the smaller the better :wink:

Two months ago, I would recommend you the UMC404HD. But since one month ago I have problems with that. In my computer works only under windows, under linux it is detected only as a recording device or as a playing device, depending I start the sound interface before or after the computer. In the same computer it works on windows. Another UMC (umc204, 204) are smaller, but perhaps you can find the same problem.

BEHRINGER UMC404HD - PRESONUS AudioBox 44 VSL - FOCUSRITE Scarlett 6i6 (2nd Generation)

Thank you , I will check that options. yes, size is important… Anyone tried the dpa d:vice if this works on linux? I will drop them a mail… this would be the smallest solution i guess (but maybe expensive…)

@ ombresaco which distro are you using? could the failure of the card be connected to some update / kernel upgrade etc?

oopsbut i checked the d:vice and it has just microdot connections, no that wont help me for my purpose… the other cheap/small solution could be also a Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB i guess…?

@calimerox That is very strange behaviour. For sure the problem is not in ardour neither in jack. Perhaps alsa, the computer, or some combinations. I did not realise if it happend after a kernel update, but if so, it is strange, becouse I reinstalled previous version with no updating from internet and the behaviour is the same.

In 3 diferent computers (ubuntu 16.04) its behaviour is different:

  1. Works fine
  2. Not detected at all
  3. Detected as playing or as recording device, but not at the same tame.

In computer #3, it works fine under windows, in every windows computer I could check, it works fine.

A friend of mine borrow me his umc404hd (I recommended it to him) and the behaviour it is the same, even in old distributions.

I had a clone of this and except for the absence of zero-latency monitoring, perhaps that size is confortable to you.

@ombresaco thanks for this, now i have various options to choose from!

just to complete this list with more options , i just read about this DAC, might also be a solution, although in another price category anyone is using this?

@calimerox You can forget my message. It seems this lot of problems were due to a faulty usb-cable.

Just adding news up on this old thread: my interface questions got solved very unexpected:

I tried the zoom F8 I have for set recording (and for which the zoom support told me it would not work with linux…) seems to work well for 4 inputs and outputs! I havent tested it further though, but sound is coming out… and i dont have to add more equipment to my travels :slight_smile: