Normalize function

Can anyone tell me where to find the normalize function? I just can’t find it.

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Right click a region, or select one or many regions and right click.

I believe the shortcut is CTRL+9… but I could be wrong on that, going off memory and that is dangerous at my age.


Also getting old but working with region gain fairly often, I remembered it was an Alt-number shortcut so I looked it up:
The Normalize shortcut is Alt-3, along other region gain operations (Opaque/Alt0, Mute/Alt1, Boost/Alt6, Cut/Alt7).
The context menu is to be found at right-clicking the region(s), region name → Gain → Normalize.
EDIT: And you can always double-click a region and directly type the wanted gain modification in that dialog.

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It is very enlightening to look through this context menu in peace;)

Hi guys, thanks for the help, found it under “gain”, but I’m having trouble finding other things, I seem to have looked everywhere, I don’t understand how to display the equalizer and effects, such as reverb, compressor, etc, where are they I find?

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They are plugins. You have to insert them on a track (or bus).

What plugins are available to you will depend on your OS.



Hello, thanks, I went to plugins, VST and started the scan and I saw that it downloaded several packages, but I don’t understand where I find the plugins now, on the track I see no way to add them, where do they activate from?

On the page that @Majik linked to, the last line has a link to another page that I believe answers your question: