When i do normalisation, the tracks level comes up but the small noises that picked up during recording also comes up and its louder now… am i using the normalisation at wrong place/way?

how can i increase the level in ardour without the noise

Normalization will increase the entire level of a region so that the loudest point is at a certain strength (Usually just under 0dBFS). So the entire track will increase.

What you are looking to do is a combination of several different things, ranging from amplification, to noise reduction, etc. Short version is there is no easy way to do this in ANY software. To give an example, I just spent an hour and a half to two hours cleaning up 10 minutes of audio to do something similar to what you want. It takes specialized tools to do so, and multiple processing steps.


If the noise is in silent parts of the audio, maybe a gate would help?

It certainly might be, if it only exists in parts of the audio where the level is signfifcantly below the rest of the material. But honestly editing by hand is a better option in that regards in my opinion, I am never happy with gates in studio recordings personally. Doesn’t mean I don’t use them, just that I avoid it.


@seablade yes, you are right… i am also not that interested in the gates only because its not that dynamic as our ears/fingers…

i have some noise always so i have the gain stage very less and i can’t even see the wave in the Ardour… normally (being a beginner) i use the audacity to amplify and noise remove and i just thought of using the Ardour’s normalsation so that in the DAW i have some wave to show (often the artists thinks that i am bluffing as he is not seeing any wave on screen ! ) then this noise also started boosting ! the noise is spread across all the places that i need to find a best solution for that…

could you please share your experience and tricks to tackle this problem…

Put the level higher and the noise will be reduced…

Keeping the gain low won’t make the noise go away. In your first post you mention “small noises picked up during recording” - if your microphone is picking up sounds that aren’t meant to be in the recording you need to review your recording process - soundproofing your room or putting your mic closer to the instrument or voice you are recording. That kind of problem is difficult to fix electronically.