Norma—First song with Ardour

Betti page—Norma
(I don’t know how to embed a player, so here is the link to the file)

Hi to all. This is my first attempt at mixing / recording a song with Ardour.

During the pandemic I took an old 4-tracks-tape, that we recorded back in 1998, and (tried to) bring it to a new life.

From the original tape I kept the vocal and the bass (because I don’t know how to make glissando with MIDI (that is for another post). I recorded all the electric and acoustic guitars at home, and generated the drums via MIDI (AVL Black Pearl). Recorded in Ardour 5.12, mixed in Ardour 6.

Although we did record a couple of tapes in the '90, I was never really involved in recording and mixing, so this is my first attempt at it. It took me a lot of time, also. I hope the next ones will be faster :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to hear your opinions, what should I change, what works, and so on.

The band was Betti Page, the song is called Norma.

Happy weekend, stay healthy!

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I like it!! :slight_smile: Good sound on guitar, good vibe on vocals!! Well balanced mix and with the live feeling! The only “perhaps”, to my modest opinion, is the “non brilliance”, maybe more high on the final mix… Maybe. Congrats!! And still making music!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to it, and for your comment :slight_smile:
I will try to follow your advice: the EQ’ing is the most difficult part for me …

A really useful way to improve on EQ (and many other) is mix referencing. Listen alternately to your song/mix and to some other song that was mixed professionally, of which you like the sound.

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Nice one thanks fo the share

Thank you very much. Happy you liked it :wink: