Noobie Setup with Focusrite Scarlett Solo second gen

Hi all, I’m new to recording. So, I hope this isn’t a totally stupid question. I downloaded the Ardour 5 software last night and have been tinkering around with it, but I haven’t been able to get it to pull in audio from the scarlett solo yet. Scarlett solo has a tool to do recording which I will use if there’s no support for their interface in Ardour, but I would prefer to support open source software if I can. Does anybody out there have experience setting one of these up? Is there support for it? By the way, I am using a windows PC with windows 10 installed on it. I saw that there is limited support for it.

The USB device driver for the scarlet solo shows up as a possible input/output device, but I haven’t been able to record a guitar track into Ardour 5 yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ardour doesn’t support your interface, the OS does, so if it is supported in the OS it will work in Ardour. Similar to that I have recorded with the bigger brother of that interface the 18i8 fine in Windows. Select the solo for your device and make sure the correct input is selected in the track you are trying to record to.


That sounds like it should just work™. Create two mono tracks, record-arm the tracks; then transport rec+play…

How does it fail? Is silence recorded instead of your mic and guitar? Or just too low a signal level?

By default Ardour auto-connects: first input to 1st track/channel, second input to 2nd track/channel… repeat.
So a single mono track would get the microphone input by default. You can change this in the mixer-window at the top of each channelstrip…

hope that helps

That was it. The device had to be selected in the audio track as well. Thank you!

For some reason it didn’t autoselect the first audio track, but I was able to go in and manually select the input to record from.