NOOB! (with questions)

Hello everyone. I am VERY new to this, but getting along ok. I have a few questions. On the Ardour homepage, the mixer looks killer! How do I get my mixer to look like that? How do I get into the music composing section of hydrogen, I want to score some orchestra. Is there a plugin for an LA2A or M610? I have a Scully 280-8 one inch tape recorder and am willing to trade time on my machine for help! (great machine by the way; used for More Than a Feeling and Whole Lotta Love/Stax sessions)

Is there a book available for Ardour?

Are we part of revolution or what? This is friggin great. I am glad I got to try this before I donate/buy some books/t shirts? Are they available?

Is there a vocal harmonizer plug in?
Is there a bundle of plugins for basics?

I have so many questions. I would like to thank the inventor, Bravo! how about an encore? This may be the biggest thing since ProTool(s)l!!! lol I heard they are a little mad.

My biggest problem was installing it (not knowing how to use synaptic) I was lost for about 2 months.

Oh thanks a lot for analyzing me peder! lol Very good, by the way. The “900 mhz computer” is only an experiment with linux and ardour by the way, this is my first introduction to linux; I started running it a month ago.

And yes I got interested and joined a year ago, but am now only just posting, I just got started.

And yes I have a Scully and thanks for the advice I will check into that.

Nope, not selling physical enhancement drugs either. Just a 34 year old physics student who decided on something I wanted to do.

I like tape recording for the sound and minimal processing capabilities.

Not a “prank thread” either.

But I was, and still am “full of excitement and praise” and most likely will be in the future, thank you for emphasizing that. I would very much like an Ardour T-shirt! I like the plug-ins that are for sale as well, they look great.

Thanks for your help.

A newcomer might be warmly welcomed if they weren’t spamming, especially when they don’t even realize their links don’t work on this forum. That just makes them look stupid in many ways…


for easy start, try a preconfigured live cd like avlinux, there you dont have to care about installation, configuration and latency, on that computer maybe even better an old dyne:bolic distro

Here’s some info to get you started:

And read a lot (search in google) about how to configure linux for better performance in audio, for example realtime, low latency, etc.

The screenshot with the mixer visible on the front page(The page with the blue background) is actually of Mixbus, which is sold by Harrison Consoles and is a custom version of Ardour they have done with their own DSP integrated into it. This is currently only available on OS X though I believe the plan is to eventually bring it to Linux as soon as some issues can be worked out.


welcome to the wonderful world of linux audio . ardour and hydrogen are my favs, are you using ubuntu ? if so try the ubuntu studio section at the ubuntu forums, hope you ll get it all up in running ok.

Thank you everyone who posted!

Yes I am running Ubuntu 9.04 on a 900mhz machine with 256meg. But I am learning on a smaller scale. I finally reached my breakdown point. Three tracks with about one plugin each. Then things start going downhill. Since i joined (1 year and 26 months ago) I am just now getting Ardour running. I just stared Ubuntu last month. it took about a month to figure out how to install programs. I am just a user, but would like to get into some code soon.

Is there a way to link this a tape recorder easily? I have an 8-track Scully.


You should be able to run more than that on a properly set up system, unfortunately Ubuntu is far from properly set up by default. Google /etc/security/conf.d and realtime permissions for more information on that topic.

In as far as hooking up to a tape recorder, certainly, I do it on occasion when I get restoration jobs as I have to transfer from there. You hook it up like you would any other piece of audio equipment.


Apologies to analyzingfunny if I’m wrong, but this seems kind of like a “prank” thread.
He joined 1 year and 26 months (?) ago, made his only posts this week, seems to have lots of vintage gear (which I assume are pretty expensive) but is running Ardour on a 900MHz with 256MB RAM…
And with that opening post full with excitement and praise I was just expecting to see a link to some mortgage institute or physical enhancement medicine.

OTOH,if this is a genuine post my apologies once again. And I’d also suggest you get a somewhat more recent computer (I have an AMD Athlon 2000+ with 1GB RAM so anything in that vincinity should do) and try installing a newer distro (probably not Ubuntu since they manage to screw up Ardour in particular, perhaps Fedora12 with Planet CCRMA).
And if the Scully supports MMC or MTC you should be able to sync it with Ardour