[noob] track send -> bus is not sending any audio

I have a stereo track and a stereo bus. On the stereo track, I put a post-fader send and configured track out 1 -> bus in 1, and track out 2 -> bus in 2. When I play the audio, the bus meter is always silent while the track lights up like xmas.

send 1 window shows:

out 1
ardour:Bus 1/in 1

out 2
ardour:Bus 1/in 2

In Bus 1’s input window, I see:

in 1
ardour:send 1/out 1

in 2
ardour:send 1/out 2

The configuration really looked rather obvious, so… what else do I have to do? Ardour manual covers tracks but zero about buses.

(Well, I’m a noob to ardour but not DAWs in general.)

You have to right click on the sends and ACTIVATE them…

or middle-click on the send’s name (activation shortcut)

Why are you using sends and inserts instead of direct connecting the track output to the bus input?

you can control the send signal level individually. You may have more than one send in the same audio path point in the pre or post fader of the track, and need to adjust each of them separately. The bus can receive sends from various tracks with different signal levels as well so the one “track -> bus” design can be too rigid.

Thanks for the activate info.

@Erdie: I want to run the dry signal from the track directly to main outs, and also hipass-filter the signal for reverb to avoid boomy bass. If I run the output directly, I lose the dry signal.

I understand what you mean, adjusting the volume level individually would be possible via sends and inserts. But anyway what you said about the dry signal could be a misunderstanding because you can of couse connect a track to the master in - and at the same time connect to the bus input. Volume control would not be possible in that way.
i also use a bus for my jconv reverb by connecting teh jconv output to the bus input und connecting certain tracks via sends to the jconv input. That works very well.