Noob - instruments

After much, much reading…

Here’s what I have working:
Using UbuntuStudio, I’ve managed to succesfully connect a midi keyboard and change the sound to mdaPiano

Here’s what I’m trying to learn:
I’m having trouble finding a wide range of LV2 instrument samples (they just don’t seem to exist)… Does this mean people are using WINE and VST/i/2/3 in UbuntuStudio? If yes, how? If not, where is this haven of instruments I crave?

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If you want to use sampled instruments, then sf2 sound fonts should be your heaven, the fonts are loaded into the fluidsynth plugin :wink:

There are native GNU/Linux VSTis too - although not many.

* self promotion * All the libraries I sell here are free software and available as native VSTis.

If you want to use Windows VSTis in Ubutnu I recommend trying LinVST rather than WINE directly, it works really well!

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