Non-Paypal Financial Support Options

Is there a facility to contribute financially to the Ardour project via a vector other than paypal?

@wbaldwin: when I investigated them last year, I could find no other options that made sense. Just to be sure you understand: using Paypal does not require that you have a Paypal account. Its entirely possible to use a regular credit card to pay, and you can just regard Paypal as the transaction processor in that case. Did you have something particular in mind?

Hi Paul, might be best for us to chat off-line. Can you contact me via:

Just mention ardour and my name “walt” and I’ll ping you back.


I would also like to use a different service. PayPal sucks and I hate to pay anything directly or indirectly to people I consider moral criminals if I can avoid it.
My choice would be moneybookers. Its as easy and cheaper, especially for small amounts. Its the only service I found which would allow real micro payment (if you donate 1$ with PayPal they steal almost 40% of it! Even if you got a special agreement with them, they steal it from others…)
I guess at least in Europe a normal bank transfer is a pretty good option as well, but a bit more complicated in terms of handling…

For you a link in french :slight_smile: