Nomiloth - Providence (Melodic Epic Doom)

Hi, some 9 years after the last Nomiloth EP, I’ve managed to release some new Doom Metal made with Ardour versions 4 through 7. A quick teaser condensing the ~55 minutes of the album into 2 is here:

The drums, synths and soundscapes were made with Renoise, guitars, bass and vocals were recorded in Ardour, everything was mixed and mastered in Ardour as well.

Most of the mixing consisted of micromanaging frequencies between 51.913 and 250 Hz and side chaining everything to try and balance oomph, ahhhhhs and dynamics. Snares are still hard.

And thank you for Ardour :slight_smile:

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Bye \m/


I really like it! The mix is definitely on point and I love some of the synth-laden interludes you’re using to give it some peaks and valleys. Nice to hear funeral-doom-esque project with clean vocals for a change too instead of dISEMBOWELMENT gutturals drowned in reverb.

Thank you for the kind words :smiley:

Had a hard time with the reverb, too. I do love drowning everything in it, hearing the end of a solo hang in the background for a few minutes does sound awesome and is in some way quintessential for some doom genres, it’s just rather difficult to make happen if you want to keep dynamics and deep bass.

In the end i put delays and reverbs onto aux buses with automated high pass filters and side-chain-compressed them heavily with the drums.

Great Production on this!

Thank you very much :slight_smile: