noise suddenly appearing

I use ubuntu studio and sometimes when I use ardour really loud “white noise” suddenly appears. It stops when I close the program.

It sounds like something from Merzbow…

Lol. Merzbow.

Seriously, I have this problem too. I had to throw my headphones last night as it sounded like demons were scratching into my ear drums. When I play things it stops and when I record it stops.

Can anyone help diagnose this problem?

In my case it seems to be related to busses, as overloaded(upwards of +400db) meters show on the master bus, track x and whatever bus x is routed to. I can reproduce it fairly consistently by rapidly pressing the space bar(start/stop). So I don’t know if it’s a mistake in how I’m using sends/busses or a bug…

AVLinux 6.0 on a 2.4 Ghz Xeon workstation + audiophile2496

Fairly certain this is traced back to a specific plugin every time I have encountered it. I have not seen it in quite some time, but I also have a definite set of plugins I tend to use that I know don’t cause it.


Very likely a plugin is misbehaving. Does this occur even if you disable all plugins? (I know, you need the plugins in your mix, but just for testing purposes…)

If you do find that a plugin is to blame, it’s just a matter of (a) checking to see whether an updated version of the plugin is available, or (b) substituting another plugin with similar capabilities.


In my case there is one plugin that could very well be the common denominator. Thank you.

I am still having this issue now, with ubuntu studio 12.10 - freshly installed. Has anyone got any idea what causes this ??