Noise Repellent profiles lost when moving project to another machine

I’m trying to work on a project and I have to use 2 different machines depending on the time of day that I’m working. They have the same os, Ardour version and noise repellent. When I copy the project folder to the 2nd machine, the noise profiles in nrepel are lost. Is there a config file that I should also be copying. I know there was something like that with the ir plugin.

Do you mean presets? if so they’re saved in the LV2 preset folder (shared between all applications on the same machine)

On GNU/Linux user presets are saved in $HOME/.lv2 by default, see also

No sorry. Not presets. When you configure noise repellent in your track, you loop a section of noise and train it to filter that. When I open the project on the machine that the plugin was configured on, the noise profile is still set but needs to be reset if I copy the project to the 2nd machine.

It should be saved with your Ardour session in the plugins folder.

I just noticed that I had nrepel installed in /lib/lv2 and /usr/local/lib/lv2. Ardour was using the old version in /lib/lv2 so I guess that is what was driving me crazy.

Could you check if the .ttl files have a version, if so Ardour (really liblilv) should automatically pick the latest one.

grep lv2:minorVersion /usr/local/lib/lv2/nrepel/*.ttl
grep lv2:minorVersion /usr/lib/lv2/nrepel/*.ttl

It seems that not adding it is a regression in recent noise-repellent.

Sorry I already deleted the older version and the grep command on the existing one returns nothing. I looked through the ttls and could not find a version number.

Issue filed:

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