Noise in bass sound

Hi all,

I have a newbie question.

When I play for example the C3 note in Surge-Bass-Digibass (Arodur6.9), I hear a background noise, like a vibration.
Is it a problem with my hardware or is it inherent with that plugin?
Do you hear it?
Can that noise be removed without distorting the sound?
The problem is that if I export a wav file, that noise remains in the recording.
(Lowering the gain inside Surge actually reduces this noise, but the sound becomes very weak).

I have given a particular example, but this problem is generally valid for some bass sounds, even for some low percussion.
Thanks for any advice.


[I use Ardour 6.9.0 on Ubuntu 18.04]

What speakers are you using? Something could be rattling in your speakers, or even in your room. One room I listen in has some decorative items on the wall which rattle and buzz when certain frequencies are played. A flat television with built-in speakers has something loose which buzzes with certain low frequencies.

Hi, I listen to audio with headphones.

You can try it yourself by playing the notes below G3 and listen to whether or not there is noise.
You can try with:

-SurgeXT, basses: Digibass

-SurgeXT, basses: Bass3



Yes, I can definitely hear it as well. I only had a few minutes to check this morning, so no time to look with a spectrum analyzer, but to me it sounds like a slow modulation that is adding a low frequency component to the sound which overloads something in the signal chain. It sounded worse in my headphones than in my speakers. You could try a high pass filter at around 40Hz and see if that helps.

I tried a really steep high pass filter and that did not help, so must be something other than very low frequencies causing the noise.

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