No UI at LV2 Plugins


I’ve compiled Ardour 5.8 from source. If I start a LV2 Plugin (one from the Ardour Team or a Calf Plugin) I get not displayed the original GUI but the generic controls. Which is strange, “waf configure” shows me:

* LV2 UI embedding True * LV2 support True * LV2 Extensions True

If I check help -> about -> config at Adour it shows me:

* LV2 UI embedding False * LV2 support True * LV2 Extensions True

I’m using Calf 0.0.60 from repository. And if I start the Jack host, the original GUI is displayed. I’ve installed all dependencies, an “waf configure” found all of them. But why is the LV2 UI embedding not available in Ardour?
Is there a Flag which i have to set ore something else? I have no Idea. I hope you can give me a tip, what I can do here.

regards, Adrian

Are you using arch or an arch based distro?

Sorry, scrap that, seems an unrelated “bug”.

I had the same problem a while back, and it was because I was building Ardour into a Linux distribution archive without using Ardour’s custom GTK+ build. Once I just did a ./waf install, the problem went away (without building the installer archive). Is this what you are doing perhaps?

Keep in mind, if you do install it using ./waf install, it will install in /usr/local and not /opt, unless you specify the install path with ./waf configure prefix=/whatever. I always do my config with ./waf configure prefix=/usr. But that is entirely up to you.

It works !
I’ve did ./waf install without build the source just as you have recommended to me and now it works :slight_smile:
That’s crazy. Thank you very much.