No stereo on midi track


When I make a new midi track, I have only mono. Can please someone help me ?

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Are you saying that you don’t get left and right output from the MIDI plugin?

When I create a MIDI track with the ACE Fluid Synth plugin (as an example), I get this:


And the pin connections from the plugin have stereo outputs correctly wired:


I get the same for the General MIDI synth.

Are you saying you get something different from this?



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Please provide a screenshot.


I don’t have stereo when I create a new midi track

… but all seems ok in the master bus output …


Does this mean I can ignore the “mono” of the first picture ?

MIDI tracks are neither mono nor stereo or. They only have a MIDI port.

It then depends on the synth plugin that synthesizes audio from the MIDI data. Most synths are stereo, but some are mono, others have (optionally) multiple outputs.

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