No sound when playing mix, tracks playing only through solo

I have a slight problem with one of my .ardour projects, let me explain:

  • it was recorded on one soundcard and now I am mixing with another

  • the problem is that the mix is not playing at all when all tracks unmuted and no solos on. The routing seems ok, all tracks go to master track and that goes to system output. However the sound comes on when I solo each track - so I only work on it having all (or some) tracks on solo - which is strange to me and it never happened with another file (and it’s not supposed to be this way I guess :slight_smile:

  • when I try to mess around some things without the solos on (hearing nothing), when I press stop it makes a loud beep in the sound output

  • also the meters seem to be going crazy - up to the red, on some tracks only

I am using ardour 2.7.1, ubuntustudio and this doesnt happen to me with other projects. However this one is really big (about 3 hours of 8-track music)

Any ideas?

I am not using any buses - only tracks to master.

Thanks a lot for giving me a clue :slight_smile:

Jan Korinek
Prague, CZ