No sound when opening project

When i open a project that i have made with a midi region there is no sound. If i open same vst as another instance that vst only has sound.

A common issue there is that CC-7 (volume automation) is set to zero.

When loading a project ardour re-plays the MIDI CC-events, but when you later replace the synth, the value is not restored.

In the GUI you can check using the "A"automation button > Controllers > Controller 7: Channel Volume.

Or on the command-line, you could grep the session-file and check if there’s a midicc-<Channel>-7:

 $ grep midicc- /path/to/the/session/session.ardour
<Controllable name="midicc-0-7" id="..." flags="" value="0"/>

You can also safely remove that <Controllable> line using a text editor, if you prefer that.

The left-most meter is a MIDI signal indicator (it’s also yellowish as opposed to audio-signal meters).

What synth plugin are you using?

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