No sound when auditioner-out is connected to monitor-in

With ardour 3.5.74 i don´t get any auditioner sound, for instance when pre-check freesound files, in a new created session. After connecting auditioner-out directly to system-channel1/2 it works but i can´t control the volume with the monitor section. Routing the auditioner over the monitor bus I do not get any sound - no idea, why. It would be nice to get the auditioner be router through the monitor bus, too. Any ideas?


this is not intended to work. if it was possible to hide the monitor inputs, they would be hidden.


I think you misunderstood the request? He wanted to route the auditioner through the monitor controller (ie. control volume of the auditioner with the monitor control), not hide the monitor inputs. Unless I misunderstood something.


yes, that is was I mean. Actually I connected the auditioner-out to System-in. The monitor volume control in my project is on -16dB for instance.
If I am seaching for freesound samples in the “import existing media” dialog and click on “play” the windows of my house began to break and my wife is about to kill me because everything listed through this way is 16dB louder than usual. Are there a workaround to avoid this?

The monitor “strip” is not intended to be manually connectable. The routing to it is “special” and you definitely cannot route arbitrarily connect things like the auditioner to it.

The import dialog should have a volume control/fader present that manages the auditioner gain.

if auditioning tracks is deafenly loud them maybe the project your working on is so quiet your cranking your speakers up high.

and then when u play a sound that is of normal volume it’s way to loud.

unfortunately there can be slot of badly recorded levels your where sounds are all over the place.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of understanding gain structure.

The monitor strip is the ‘gateway’ to your monitor speakers, the auditioner should definitely go through the monitor level control. If a monitor buss is in use in a session everything that is destined for your speakers should go through it.

@veda_sticks, although you are correct about gain structure I don’t think this is an example of that. The monitor control allows you to set a comfortable listening level, a studio may have very small or very large speakers. The master bus may be at full scale for the project, but the speakers monitor level here is set at -16dB, which obviously gives a comfortable listening level in this instance. A sample played through the audition buss will effectively bypass that -16dB monitor level straight to the speakers, that is a very loud difference, but not arrived at because of bad gain structure.

chris - good points. probably a significant but hopefully not super hard design change. right now when auditioning is underway no other tracks/busses are active.

The monitor section needs to have ‘sources’ that under some logic control, can be switched as the signal feeding the speakers. A/PFL already works like this I think, you may be listening to the main mix output, but if you A/PFL something the A/PFL buss is switched as the source to the speakers. The same should be true of the audition buss. I believe the diagram I drew when the monitor section was first envisioned included these ‘sources’ and a thought about the hierarchical switching logic required. IRC in 2 weeks for more discussions :slight_smile:

Thats ok for me. I know that i don´t do something wrong and it works in this way. Thanks. But I would appreciate if the auditioner even goes through the monitor section in future

You kan allways use “connections” in “qjackctl”, and re-rout the output.

Auditioner out to monitor in, in “connections”, or does that not work?

@Ralf, yes that´s correct but I cant get the output limited throught the monitor section.