no sound to speakers

Okay, I know about mixer settings and all that. I have audio output just fine for dvd, audio, and audacity, etc…, but I imported a wave file into ardour and hit play. The mixer shows levels going up and down, so ardour has the file and is playing it but I’m not connected to my soundcard output. What settings do I need for Jack and Ardour to send the sound to my speakers like everything else ? Thanks, John

Oh, sorry, I forgot to say I’m running Mandriva 2007 if that makes a difference. John

Check out if master track output has been set for your soundcard from Track Bus inspector.

Did you get ANY output at all with ardour?

You maybe have a sound daemon running in background which blocks jackd. Just kill it with “killall -9 esd” / “killall -9 artsd” before starting jackd (or ardour which then starts jackd). If you have more than one soundcard, you might want to start jackd by yourself. Maybe “jackd -R -d alsa -d hw:1” to use soundcard No. 1 instead of No. 0. Then start ardour after that.

Okay, got it. Thanks gang, John

I am new to this program and DAW altogether. I installed Jack and Ardour and have a Focusrite 18i8. How do I set all this up so sound will come through my monitors from the output of my interface? I am running Windows

Not sure on Windows, but for most OSes when you open Ardour, you can tell it what audio backend to use (You likely want ASIO) and what interface to use (Your Focusrite obviously). That is where I would start. If you don’t see that dialog to start, going off memory it can be brought up under Window>Audio/MIDI settings, but again I am on OS X and Linux primarily so there is a chance Windows is slightly different.