No sound playback problem - noob - ardour 5

Hello, I’m trying to get ardour 5 to work properly on linux mint. the only problem I have for now is that I have no playback sound. I see the volume bars go up and down when playing a .wav soundfile i use for testing, but no sound. It seems to also pick up my mic (but with no actual sound coming out), which seems weird because when connecting to JACK i didn’t see a scroll-down menu for setting up a mic, and I would like to remove it. I watched videos, searched in the manual and scrolled through the forum but I haven’t found a solution.

Sorry if I didn’t include some needed information for troubleshooting. This is my first time posting on a forum.

Thank you.

The current release of Ardour is 8.4. Version 5 is many years old. Please upgrade before continuing on.