no sound out of ardour


i run jack, ardour and add a wav file in ardour.

in jack connections seems ok (ardour out in alsa), but no sound !

what did i mess ?

thank you for the help

The alsa tab of jack connections are for MIDI (alsa MIDI). You have to check your connections in the audio tab.
Track-where-the-wav-is to master, and master to system playback. Needless to say, faders up and no tracks muted.
If this is not enough, join the IRC channel for realtime help.(Support tab)

otherways, if everything is conected as it shoul be, i would recommend to check ->menu->options->monitoring in the ardour main menu.
try to change the settings there to ‘software monitoring’ and perhaps it should work.


thank you pablo and nowhiskey, it was a user problem in fact, the speakers minijack was not connected !

for me this post can be closed, thank again men