No sound on playback

I’m new to Ardour, so this is probably an easy fix that I don’t know. I recorded a few guitar tracks and everything was good until I shut down and restarted ardour, no I have I no sound at all. I saved my patches in Jack before I closed. I didn’t change any settings from the last time it worked. It’s the same thing with a previous recording. Any ideas? Thanks

What version of Ardour are you using?


Did you check to make sure Jack was using the same interface? Just saving the patches Ardour uses doesn’t guarantee this.


First thing to check is ther eacutlaly level showing up in the master bus. if there is then its a simple check to see if your master bus is going to the correct outputs of your interface.

and as seablade says check that jack has started with the right interface.

Ive never saved patching seperatly in jack but then i dont do any complicated patches outside of jack.

I ran my outputs once through carla into an eq to correct a huge frequency response issue in one of my studio monitors bnefore i got a replacement, but as long as i loaded the carle preset i saved before opening ardour it reconnected fine.