No Sound on Playback

Using Ubuntu 10.1. I cannot hear any sound from recorded content in Ardour. Signal meter show sound , but nothing is coming out of the speakers.Jack is set with output to my sound card.

you should visit the ardour IRC channel as described on … this kind of problem is not sensible to try to solve on a slow, cumbersome medium like a web forum. the solution to your problem is probably very simple, on IRC, we can fix it in 10mins, rather than the hours it will take to go back and forth here.

Personally, I find that JACK can sometimes identify which speakers are which incorrectly. This happens to me on my mediacenter PC when I start JACK with the default number of outputs. In this case, JACK starts with six outputs (it’s a 5.1 soundcard), but when I start Ardour, and the master bus connects to outputs 1 and 2, I can’t hear anything. I have to either manually connect the master bus to ouputs 4 and 5 to get sound through the correct output pair, or (what I always do now, as I only have a stereo pair of speakers connected) start jack with only two outputs. When I do that, the two outputs that are started are the correct ones. Not sure why it works this way, but this may be part of your problem.

I had a similar problem with my first session. I had a whitespace in my session name “Hello DAW”; creating a new one called “Hello_DAW” instead solved it for me.

What operating system did this happen on?

I have Ardour 5 installed on Ubuntu 19.04.