No sound on other apps after using Ardour

I understand that i get no sound on other apps while using Ardour because of Jack, but i would expect that when i close, to go back to the default…but it doesn’t. I’ve tried the “stop” function on Qjackctl but nothing happens. The process “jackd” keeps running and the audio only returns if i kill it with the system monitor. Is there a way to make Jack processes ends automatically by closing Ardour?

I’m using Dell Inspiron 1545 with onboard audio, Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon ; Ardour 2.8.14 ; Qjackctl 0.3.10.

You are using JACK2 which does not honor the -T flag that Ardour uses to tell JACK to exit after the last client (typically Ardour) has finished running. This is a bug in JACK2.

i find that having to start and stop jack is a bit of a pain in the ass, i know jack can start and stop it, but i much prefer having hack running full time and using the cadend snd loop deamon to allow non jack aware programs to run there sound through jack, its also handing for recording non jack aware programs into say ardour.

kx studio has this setup out of the box.

I too am having the same problem; sound does not return after shutting down Ardour. I have also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to uderstand JACK and am strugglng, there doesn’t seem to be a good description of JACK and how it works alongside Pulse Audio (which I think I read gives problems). I’m trying to set up Toshiba Satellite Pro running Ubuntu and JACK 0.3.10 with an external USB 5.1 / 7.1 sound card. I can sometimes get things working but not reliably; lack of knowledge on my part.

Does anyone know of a good JACK tutorial which would explain more of the JACK details; I ultimately want to use several sound cards but need a better handle on JACK first.

I have 2 (crap**) sound sound cards (onboard and pci), jack, pulse, all together. Jack is using the onboard one. I don’t know how to tell Jack to use the PCI. The tutorial I followed was this:

It’s a permanent fix. I’m using Ubuntu

ps. there is no such thing as “JACK 0.3.10”. That sounds like the version number of QJackctl, which is merely a GUI front end to simplify configuration and starting JACK for people or situations that are command-line averse.

As I mentioned above, many versions of JACK 2 do not honor the -T flag correctly, which will cause this problem if you start JACK from Ardour.

See this JACK FAQ entry on how to specify the device when using QJackctl: