No sound on one channel?

I can’t figure this one out… I’m mixing a song and everything is fine and dandy in stereo, sound is correctly coming from both speakers. When I export the song, only one channel has sound, the other is dead. I have corroborated that I am exporting just the master, the ‘channels’ option is set to 2, and out1 and out2 are respectively shown on each channel before export… any help?

If you import the export into Ardour to both channels get shown? I am wondering if it might be your playback software?


I wondered the same, and I imported the exported track in Audacity… two channels are imported with the file, but only one channel has a waveform, the other one is flat-lined, as it were.

The problem started when I selected ‘split to mono files’. I got it working now. When I un-checked that option, one of the channels was empty. I selected the channel and hit OK, but it still would not work. I checked again and the channel was still empty. I had to press ‘Enter’ after selecting the channel for it to stick… don’t know if that makes sense but it works now.