No Sound on new Ardour 4 install

I just installed Ardour 4 on OS X and cant figure out what to do to get sound. I have been using Ardour 2 with JACK and there is no problem playing sound from my session. I opened a session created using Ardour 2 and although the meters are moving there is no sound. It’s probably something simple, but I have been trying to get sound to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Well Ardour can bypass Jack if needed using the CoreAudio engine, but in this case my bet is that you should check your patching, and make sure the Master bus (Or possibly the Monitor Bus) is patched into your hardware outputs.


That was it. Thank you.


On a related note, I had a similar problem when first using Ardour4 - turns out that the audio setup dialogue at the start defaults to “loopback” as the audio device, at least on my setup. Switching to select my soundcard solved it, but needs doing every time unless there’s a way to set the default.

same here as in Matts case: default is loopback…
a question i had to a similar topic:
when the audio engine crashes out of whatever kind of reason , is there a way to reconnect for saving the session etc.? on ardour2 there was a “reconnect” option…