NO sound in headphones

Hi there,
I am new to Ardour and am trying to figure it all out.
I have , Macbook OS 10.5.8 with 2.4 GHz 2Gig with a Tascam 122L for the interface.
I have had difficulty getting the program up and running, but when I do it seems pretty stable.
Today is a first. I start everything up as usual but the sound doesn’t come out of the headphones. Playback is going through the laptop speakers. All settings indicate that it should be going through the Tascam unit. I’ve tried restarting twice. Is there a proper sequence to starting Ardour? I start “Jack” then plug in the tascam then start Ardour. I have generally had trouble getting things going.
Has anybody any idea what my problem is?


I start "Jack" then plug in the tascam then start Ardour.

This is your problem right here. You need to plug in the tascam FIRST, then start Jack after telling it to use the Tascam for the interface.


Thanks Seablade, I reinstalled the Tascam drivers and got it to work again. I had the Tascam plugged in first, that was probably it. Anyway thanks now I can get busy with this thing again and see what kind of other trouble I can get myself in. (;