no sound in ardour

There is no sound comming out of ardour mixbus 1.2 & Ardour, please help asap.

why on planet eart is ardour so hard to get the sound working inosx intel ?, huh? ,plus ardour does not yet have midi support ,& you expect us to pay you, cant you let us download it for free ? at least untill ardour 3 is out ? ,& what is this support system ? theres no one here, if can i wold like to curse you all

@sanjay: you are apparently the person who visited the #ardour-mixbus channel on IRC between 21:00 and 22:00 US Eastern time. You appear to have not noticed the channel welcome message which said:

Welcome to the Mixbus Discussion and Support Channel. Don't ask to ask, Just Ask! And please be patient waiting for answers. It might take minutes or hours for someone to answer. This channel is most active during US Eastern & Central daytime (GMT-5/GMT-6)

or the channel topic, which said:

[ Harrison Mixbus user & developer chat. This channel is most active during US Eastern & Central daytime (GMT-5/GMT-6)]

It also seems that you somehow got the idea that Ardour 2.8 and/or Mixbus have MIDI sequencing support - I'm not sure where this idea came from but its certainly not something mentioned in any descriptions of either product that either myself nor Harrison have produced.

These forums are not a support mechanism for Mixbus - you received a support email address for Harrison in your purchase email confirmation. For support of Mixbus, you should start there, especially if you're operating outside the time ranges indicated above.

If you want help with Ardour 2.8 (which will likely be useful with Mixbus also), then it would be worth reading since you've provided almost no information that would allow us to help you (something we'd like to be able to do). Hopefully you also read as strongly recommended during the download process. There are thousands of users of Ardour on OS X who have had no issues with getting it to work on their OS X Intel systems. There are several common problems that we can almost certainly help with if you provide more information.

Finally, although I understand that you might be a little ill-tempered when writing your second message, comments ;ike "if i can i would like to curse you" are unlikely to encourage anyone to offer you help. We'll try to ignore it for the time being and see if we can get you to a better place with Ardour (and likely Mixbus too).


jackdmp 1.9.5
OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.4
1.5gb of ram
44.9gb of hdd space left (hdd size is 160gb)

I got the sound working finally, of my previous post I was angry because of bad timing I guess, sorry for being rude.

@sanjay: so, are there are any remaining current issues?

No, thank you for caring.

Just amazing!