no sound from other aps after closing Ardour

Hello; Befroe fring up Ardour, I am able to hear sound during the playback of any and all other applications that produe it liek youtube, videos, etc. Whiole using Ardour, no problem there either. ONce I have closed ARdour, no other sond is sent o the speakers from any other app.

I have to restart to get it back. Is this common?

Is jack still running?
If you are starting jack before running Ardour you may have to kill the jack server afterwards to let other apps access your sound card.

Like Anahata says, if i’m using ardour, most of the time i have to kill jackd after closing ardour.

Just open a terminal and use the command, killall jackd
That will help normally.

As of right now, there are several conditions that cause jack2 to not exit/close correctly after using the -T (temporary server) option, which Ardour uses when it starts JACK.

If JACK continues running (for any reason), non-JACK enabled applications will not be able to play or record audio using the audio device(s) that JACK is using. This is intentional.

So, Ardour opens jackd automatically? I do not open jackd when using Ardour. Saem with Audacity. Closing Audacity e snot cause this… interesting

Audacity does not use JACK by default (and when told to, it uses it badly). The current released version of Ardour only uses JACK for all audio & MIDI I/O. There is no other option. Future releases will change that. Comparing Ardour and Audacity behaviour is generally not that helpful.