No sound from imports

First time user here. I’m running ardour-2.8.11-5 on Fedora 14. Jackd is running. I can fire up Ardour and import a wav or ogg file, but when I click on “play” I hear nothing. Sound is working fine in all other programs. My sound card is a cm8738 and using ALSA.

Any thoughts as to where I should start in troubleshooting this?

When you import a file it ends up in the region list to the right. You need to grab it and drop it on a track if you want it to be played.

If you have in fact done that, make sure the track isn’t muted and that it’s connected to the master bus.

Thanks Peder. I can hear the track now. I just wanted to make sure sound was actually working. Now I need to spend a bunch of time with the manual.
Thanks again,