no sound from ardour


I just downloaded and installed this software on a macbook pro , i5 , 4GB , osx snow leopard etc…

Im using a behringer bc3000 controller/soundcard also

I dropped an audio sample into the arrange window and it loaded on a new track, great! but when i playback there is no sound.

i looked at the other posts on this and to be honest i am not offey with alot of what was said, computer idiot is the term i would go with. Im used to Logic pro which pretty much works out of the box.

can you help ? if you need more information let me know!

Probably your best bet is to go to Help>Chat in Ardour and that will take you to IRC.

But aside from that, are the master track meters jumping at all when you hit play? I assume the playhead moves of course.


hi ,

Thanks for the quick response.

Yea the levels are jumping so the software is receiving the audio and its being sent somewhere i assume.

Any idea’s ? thanks again, il try the chat soon too!