No Sound after upgrade to 2.8.14

I recently upgraded to Ardour 2.8.14 and now I’m not getting any sound from most of my busses in previously made recordings.

To explain: I use ardour to record sessions with my band. I start a session with a master bus and additional busses for each instrument group (guitar, bass, etc.) I also have two additional “sub-busses” for the drums - overhead mics into an “cymbals” bus and tom mics into a “toms” bus both of which are routed to the master bus. Kick and snare both go directly to the drums bus along with these two sub busses and the drums bus is routed directly to the master.

This setup worked perfectly in previous versions of ardour. No problems at all. Now, after the upgrade, I can still see the wavforms, but the only bus that shows any audio activity is the drums bus and the only way I can hear any sound from this bus is if I solo it. None of the other busses or tracks show any audio activity during playback.

I can get sound on playback when I route a track directly to the master bus, but this is not a desirable solution, as much of my processing is done at the bus level.

What changed between 2.8.13 and 2.8.14 that would cause this sort of problem and how do I go about correcting my setup?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.



Does your routing to those busses still exist?


Yes - the routing to the busses still exists. It’s really weird.

Check your plugins then and see if they may be an issue, I would make a backup of your .ardour file first.


I’m right there with you, Seablade. I checked the plugins and each of the problematic ones are using CALF plugins (Calf compressor, etc.) The problems disappear once the plugins are disabled. So now that I understand what I’m dealing with, it’s not so much a matter of “no sound” as it is how do I fix the plugins?

Use the Invada Compressor. It also sounds better.

I’m down with that, but I’ve also got some unfinished studio work I’ve used CALF for in the past that I’d rather not have to rebuild from scratch, if possible. Is there any hope of salvaging those plugins?

Hmm you can try checking to see if there is an upgrade for the plugins, no idea though to be honest.