No samplv1, padthv1, synthv1, drumkv1 works wit Ardour but ok with Carla

I use Ardour 5.2, Ubuntu 18.04. QT5 libs installed.
All samplv1, padthv1, synthv1, drumkv1 work just fine in Carla.

When I try to add any of them to Ardour MIDI track, I get some

[ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin

in log and alert like

I found some topic in internet and changed some lines in ttl file or something like this. Seems it “helps” and I can add drumkv1 but when dbl-click on it I have

[ERROR]: failed to instantiate LV2 GUI

At the same time I saw Unfa youtube video he uses samplv1 without problems ( What should I do to have the same?

Try it with a current version of Ardour from this site and see what happens? Even the demo version would work for testing purposes.


Wow! Thanks, with Ardour 6.2 almost (!) all plugins work fine: samplv1, padthv1, synthv1.
However, drumkv1 still not working.
It can be added to track but no GUI is showing up. Each time I try to call GUI I can see the

2020-07-27T23:52:42 [ERROR]: failed to instantiate LV2 GUI

in log window.

Now my issue is not urgent at all, but if somebody could help with this last guy (drumkv1), will appreciate that so much.

Which version of the plugins are you using? The change list for 2019-10-31 includes a change to statically link the GUI for plugin versions to avoid conflicts with host GUI toolkit.

Hi! I used all them from apt repos, I wasnot success in building them from sources.
Now it is 0.8.6-1

$dpkg --list | grep drumk

ii  drumkv1                                    0.8.6-1                                          amd64        old-school drum-kit sampler - standalone
ii  drumkv1-common                             0.8.6-1                                          amd64        old-school drum-kit sampler - common files
ii  drumkv1-lv2                                0.8.6-1                                          amd64        old-school drum-kit sampler - lv2-plugin

But I can see they have 0.9.15 already. Any suggestions where is manual to set it up from fresher apt repository welcome :slight_smile:
Or just building from sources is the samurai way?

Update: I installed all 4 plugins from sources, now every is 0.9.15.
They all work with Carla but now NO ONE works with Ardour.

So, need to clean and install apt-version back.

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