No repeats when testing various delay plugins w/ fdbk

dumb question: I am using Ardour (after a few years of not working with it) and cant figure out why I’m not getting individual repeats with a delay w/ feedback turned up…have tried multiple delays by various developers I get a sing;e repeat but not multiple repeats when I have the feedback param turned up…

also, I have the “stop processing when transport stopped” turned OFF - what am I missing?

Linux Mint 18.1 - kernel 4.4.0

That seems odd, perhaps the later repeats are too quiet – some low-pass filter may be active regardless of feedback and lower the level of the sound?

Try “a-delay” (comes with ardour 5.x). I just checked a simple piano-synth fed into it:


operator error - I think I have it sorted now, thanks! wow! I love Ardour 5