no plugins

on may 17 I got ardour for mac, installed it and see it has no plugins at all. are they sold separately? any assistance is welcome.

Ardour 4.x and earlier does not come with plugins. It can, however, use the ones installed on your computer.

Recent versions of Ardour do not automatically scan for AudioUnit plugins any more, to avoid incompatible plugins crashing the program the first time you use it.

So, you need to go to Preferences > Plugins and run a plugin scan from there. You should also do this after you add plugins and want the program to find them.

thank you for your reply and assistance. yes I did what you wrote and all of a sudden I have about 36 new plugins showing in that box, all of them different from the ones showing in the kxstudio version of Ardour, a system I cannot possibly hope to figure out in this lifetime, oh well. Thanks again!

This is very simple to explain.

(1) as mentioned, Ardour 4.x and earlier does not provide plugins. So the plugins you see are the ones installed by other means on your system
(2) The ones on your Linux system come from packages that are part of the kxstudio installation.
(3) The ones on your OS X system come from Apple, as a part of the operating system (and possibly others installed by you)
(4) There’s no particular reason to expect the two sets of plugins to be even remotely similar, especially since all the Apple ones are proprietary and will only work on OS X

Finally, in Ardour 5.0, due out soon, we will be including 5 “builtin” plugins that will be present on all platforms, for all users. I hope you succeed in using Ardour - a program comparable in complexity to your Linux system ! :slight_smile:

I wonder what a builtin plugins will be including in 5 version?

a-Delay, a-Reverb, a-Hi and Low Pass, a-Compressor, and a-EQ