No Plugins ???


I use a MacBook Pro with SnowLeopard (10.6.3).
I wanted to try if Ardour is right for me and what to do with it.

So I made a donation via PayPal and got the Version 2.8.7.
Ardour is running and I’m using JackPilot. So no problems there.

But after launching Ardour there is none of my AudioUnit Plugins available nor one of the plugins that should coming with Ardour (as mentions at download). Only Pan and Fade are available. If I choose e.g. MasterTrack => Plugins there’s a empty slide-out window.

Did I made something wrong or was this download corrupt?

Another point (bug):
Once displaying Fade or Pan. The tracks display of volume level does not work any more.

Thanxx in advance for your help,

Oh, all right!

found it myself. Tricky without any documentation.