No plugins, many x-runs after upgrade


I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing is a problem with Ardour or with FC9. It’s probably some of both.

Anyway, the newer Ardour looks excellent! I can see that it’s packed with lots of cool new features and tricks…

Here are the problems I’m encountering:

  1. Can’t use plugins. Enabling any LADSPA plugin (those are the only ones I use) results in crackles, pops, and x-runs. This happens even with conservative JACK settings (priority 0; 4096 frames/period; 3 per./buff.; 256 port maximum; 500 ms timeout)

When I run “free” it shows plenty of memory available, and my CPU is pretty potent so I can’t figure out what’s going on here at all.

  1. Can’t seem to figure out how to delete ranges with any consistency. Used to select the range, hit the delete button, and voila.

  2. Generally, x-runs. JACK’s not being very informative about why.

I love Ardour, but I need it to work. Should I forge on or deprecate?

Any help is appreciated.

  1. its not a problem with Ardour or FC9 (i use both)
  2. are you running JACK K with -R ? is it successfully getting real-time priviledges (check the messages it prints, in the message dialog if you use qjackctl)
  3. please read
  4. JACK cannot know why xruns happen, only they do. JACK is not giving you a summary of the situation, it is “telling you” everything it knows: deadlines were missed, for some unknown reason. Tracking down why is hard.

I also had an issue like this some time ago with some of Steve Harris’s LADSPA plugins, especially with one of the eq’s when I exported the song, sometimes no audio and a lot of rice crispie sounds (snaps, crackles and pops).

Even downloaded directly from Steve Harris page and compiled and got the same issue, I wrote to him once and he told me it was probably an ardour issue, which I kind of doubt because I had gotten a hold of his plugins from debian but older 1.0.14 instead of 1.0.15 from repos or built from source and they worked without this issues…

Now I use Steve Harris ported to LV2 which I think are far more stable.

Thanks, Paul. Still have not resolved the x-run issues, but now I get the new editing model. Have not had much time to work on it.

Happy Happy to you.