No plugins in Ardour 4.0 OSX download

Hi there,
I recently (yesterday) downloaded Ardour 4.0 for OSX, but there are no plugins available.
I expected them to be pakaged in the download.
See this from the manual (about getting plugins):
“Ardour releases for OS X ship with a collection of many LADSPA plugins, some of which are very useful and some of which are outright buggy.”
But where are they?

Another question: How can I tell Ardour where to look for my Logic Pro plugins? It only finds Garageband plugins.


Ardour should see all AU Plugins you have installed in HDD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components. (I think its just the 64 Bit plug-ins, but I am not sure)
For me it works just to “refresh” in the Ardour Plugins Manager.

@sonnie not quite hat the OP as referring to

@Germanium Diode Thanks for pointing that out, the page needs to be updated as I don’t believe that Ardour4 will ship with said plugins at this time.


And I have created a pull request to update the manual for now. Thanks again.

@Seablade: Ah, my bad. Misinterpreted the question. Indeed the LADSPA will not show in Ardour_OSX. Just one LV2.

@OP: The plug-ins which come with Logic Pro just can show up in Logic. I meant self installed AU in my comment above. With Garage Band Plugins I think you mean the stock Apple AUs which are not part of the Logic package. They will show up in every DAW which can handle AU.

Ardour OSX does support LADSPA, LV2 and AU plugins standards, but the plugin must have the same architecture (32/64bit) as Ardour itself.
Some plugins are universal (ppc, i386, x86_64) others are not or only a subset of that.

Many people got the swh LADSPA plugins from audacity ages ago when it was PPC/i386 only - 64bit Ardour cannot use them.
You can either install 32bit Ardour (runs fine on 64bit OSX) or get a different build of the plugins which includes 64bit: e.g.