No plugins available in Ardour


I am using Debian Lenny and as you might know, there is no Ardour for that distro. So I installed it via the 64studio repositories. It works great, but there are no plugins whatsoever. When I try to add them, there are just no entries.
The Ardour version is: 2.8, the build 4918

I have all the Ladspa and DSSI plugins installed on my distro.

when starting up Ardour in CLI, I see this:

no more csLADSPA plugins

that is the only error message that I can see that pertains to plugins.

How can I get the plugins?



Ever tried to build some LADSPA-Plugin-packages from source?
If they are in /usr/local/lib they should be found…

btw.: Ardour does not support DSSI …

Hmm, they are not there, yet they are installed. Seems that debian puts them somewhere else. Is there a variable to change the location for Ardour? If I change it permanently, I can probably expect all the other programs on my debian platform not to find the plugins anymore.

And I really don’t get so far what DSSI is, I just have it installed :wink: sheepishly looking


@browny_amiga: are you familiar with ardour to know where the list of plugins would actually appear?

I have just looked at it again and seen that I assumed wrongly by seeing a empty list of plugins. That was actually empty because it showed which plugins were defined.
I have now seen that in another place, there are plugins. So I am pretty new to Ardour and still have to find out more how the whole thing works.

Thanks for pointing that out



Could anyone explain where new plugins DO appear please ?
I have installed the SWH & CMT packages using the package manager, and then restarted computer.
I can’t find the plugin manager in any of the menus or by right-clicking anywhere.

Ubuntu 10.10
ardour 2.8.11
(built from revision 7387)

thanks in advance