No Plugin GUI's under OSX 10.9.5 Ardour

I’ve just installed Ardour 4.4.0 under OSX 10.9.5 - however when i create a MIDI track, insert an AU and click it in the mixer no GUI is visible, just a grey screen. The plugin plays from the sequencer timeline…but I can’t bring up anything other than the synth’s parameters under the ‘controls’ menu item in the mixer - I’ve tested using (of course) legal versions of Sylenth1 and Serum…

Any ideas? Perhaps just being a noob!


Same issue under OSX 10.6.8 :

AU with original GUI almost OK:
TAL Noise maker, CrossFade Loop (petit bug), Synth1, Slicy Guitar, Sakura, Morphine +preset (petit bug), Minky Starshine (petit bug), Chheze Machine Metal (bug graphique), 4FRont Bass

AU with no original GUI:
Magical8bitPlug, Ambiant Keys, Toxic Biohazard, Gladiator, Sawer, Silent Way Voice Controler, Poisone, TAL-U-No-62, Groove Machine, TAL-Elek7roII, Drumax, Chip32, Ticky Clav(gros bug graphique), Cheeze Machine (gros bug graphique), TAL-bassline,

AU witch exit Ardour:
Extreme, Pianos, Industrial Tones, Remedy,

Additionally I’m using the 32 bit version of Ardour…

This is fixed (mostly) in the nightly builds. It is dependent on the plugin, but there was an actual bug introduced. I would suggest/request that you try the latest from

Thanks Paul, I’ve downloaded the debug version (Ardour-4.4.180-dbg-i386.dmg). This fixes the issue in the synths I’ve tested.

A small error is thrown up by Sylenth1 - ‘AU render error for Sylenth1, status = -10867’

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The 4.4.188 32 bits Mac take the original GUI now!