No Playback!

Hey im using 10.5.6 and jack .79 with ardour and a blue snowball usb mic.

Set it up. Records fine. But theres NO playback. I note the message:

[WARNING] No outputs available for auditioner - manual connection required

I’ve been messing around with settings, nothing works.
I noticed the os x version of jack is much less in depth…

Someone save me from this headache!

  1. “the OS X version of JACK” … you are confusing JACK with a GUI control application for JACK. It is true that JackPilot has many less options than QJackctl. However, it has some other benefits. Sadly nobody has updated either JackPilot or QJackctl to contain all the features of the other program. This is why you can download QJackctl for OS X from this website.

  2. JACK uses a single audio device. If you want to use both a USB mic for input and some other device for output, you need to use Apple’s Aggregate Device Editor to create a new “virtual” audio device that includes them both. This is described, along with the links for QJackctl, on the a document that you should already have read.

I’m also having no playback issues. I’ve already read the document explaining how to set up the Aggregate Device but I’m still getting nothing. Like Phooka said, any combination of option changes doesnt work.

Get on Ardour-OSX on IRC sometime while I am around and I can give it a shot helping oyu troubleshoot if you are still having problems. The aggregate device crud, along with being outright annoying and sometimes a bit difficult to set up correctly, also has some bugs that have to be worked around on occasion.


Hi, I’m using Jack too but there is no playback when I select jack in audio routing. I’ve read the document, I’ve created an aggregate device but nothing. After, I’ve closed Jack server, I opened Preferences and in the Interface menu I’ve choised My aggregate device. Now, it’s ok