No Pan Scolls Appear In Any Tracks

Hi, I am running Ardour (ver 2) under Suse 10.3 (using a RT kernel), using XFCE as a window manager. I am not able to see the pan scrolls in any tracks’ mixer strip. I saw that there was a bug registered about this, but was not able to understand the solution.

Also, when I start Ardour, I get a message regarding membory locks and how Ardour could try to use more memory than is allocated to it or something. Does this indicate anything wrong with my setup?

Thanks for your patience, I’m pretty new at this Linux (and Ardour) stuff.


Hi Kris,

excuse the lag of the response.

Could it be that you created real-mono tracks, meaning tracks with only 1 ouput? If so, you would have no pan scrolls because you cannot pan between 1 single ouput, you need two of course.
Solution for this: click on “output” (at the bottom of mixer strip) and add a second ouput channel.

Memory lock:
Add to your user or group in
(or /ect/limits.conf):

memlock unlimited
(looks like
@audio - memlock unlimited
@audio - nice -10
@audio - rtprio 99


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the reply! That sounds like it should solve the issue I’m having for the pan. I’ll check tonight.

I added the rtprio line but didn’t know about the memlock line. Thanks again!

Have a great day,